Where Ever The Wind May Take

Understanding the changes in life
Life is a continuous cycle with different people coming into a person’s life, and then leaving it at different times. There are times when a person is all alone, and there are times when a person is surrounded by a myriad of people. They can be family, peers, friends, rivals, employers and even strangers.
When talking about family, at first we are vulnerable infants in our mothers’ arms seeking warmth. Little by little we grow to be independent, and move out of the familiar heat of our childhood homes, and have children of our own. It is a turbulent time with work and family responsibilities. Sometimes self-care is not prioritized because a person is responsible for another life and has to prioritize that being before anything else; ‘you before me.’
Changes that come with old age
But with age and time, you realize that those huge responsibilities have diminished and you are left with an abundant amount of time, to pamper yourself with. Old age is scary but at the same time, it is one of the most spiritually satisfying periods of a person’s life.
There is a saying that childhood is when you have the time and energy do things, but no money, while adulthood is when you have the energy and the money to do things, but no time. Then in retrospect it seems old age, is when you have the time and the money to do the things you want, but no energy. An ironic twist of terms which makes it look like human beings are never satisfied with what they have and hunger for more.

Things to do, places to visit
So as a person approaching old age, what are the things he/she can do to break the monotonous boredom of passing time that would not require a lot of stamina and endurance?
There are so many things you can achieve in life. If a person has enough life savings, then that person can invest that money to go abroad, and experience what different cultures and ethnic groups have to offer. It depends on what a person really wants to experience. Think of Bali with its serene nature, India with its vibrant cultural heritage, the countryside in England, a little cottage in Switzerland or the beaches of Miami or California. If a person wants to know a little bit of excitement, they can try bungee jumping, skiing, or scuba diving for the visit time, provided that the body can handle the activity.
If traveling is too hard for a person, they can settle in one place they’ve always wanted to live in. Though the most livable city used to be Vancouver in Canada, today it is Melbourne. If a concrete jungle is not where you want to spend the rest of your life in, today there are also ideal retirement villages in NZ, with spacious homes that have quality light fittings and drapes, quality carpets, designer kitchens, ensuite bathrooms, air conditioned rooms that showcase the importance of natural light with a lot of windows that let the sun in, well-stocked libraries, well-furnished dining rooms, swimming pools and spas. The privacy is maintained well, and a person can be surrounded by other people with similar interests.
You can never be 100% sure about where you might end up in life. But formulating solid plans and following through with them, will ensure that the winds of life may take you were ever you want to end up, in the last phase of your life and be happy and healthy in that environment. On the other hand find a perferct home for retiree to fit in.