Family Medical History

Medical history maybe defined as a narrative or record of past events that can be of great importance to a person’s current state of health, it gives detailed information of past diseases, injuries, treatments, and other important medical facts. knowing a family medical history help to create a future that can be brighter and healthier, because it can be helpful in determining which test and screenings are best for them. This is important because the earlier a disease is detected  then the sooner they can be treated for. An example of this is a family that is known to have members with cancer,other members can test themselves for cancer too this way if they do have cancer then this would be detected from early and not have the time to spread over the body as much, which may be deadly in many cases. Family medical history also helps people in their lifestyle decision, people who know that they have a family medical history of hypertension will eat healthy, avoiding salty food they would also exercise regular in order to remain healthy and fit. Individuals benefits from family history since they will have a better understanding about knowing how to deal with issues before it occurs , if a person’s family member has diabetes they newly diagnose member may consult with that family member and ask them how they deal with the illness, this is extremely important because people who has that particular disease usually feels depressed at first because of the shocks and possibilities that something drastic can occur.  Many times people who has a disease that may need surgery are told to talk to counsellors to help them feel better, not everyone likes to talk to strangers about themselves they prefer to talk to friends and families as such they will feel better talking to a family member who has gone through what they are going through, what they are going to go through. knowing family history helps people to evaluate the risk that they may pass on those conditions to their kids, as such people will choose carefully who they have children with, it also helps people to choose what kind of flu vaccination Melbourne they take, whether it be medical or generic, this saves both time and money for many individuals family medical history can be used to determine whether an individual would benefit from preventative measures against certain health conditions. What individuals must keep in mind is that family medical history does not mean that every family members have what their other family members have it is simply a measure that can be used as a guide in determining the chances of certain medical conditions.