Service Oriented Professions


People have to work in order to make their earnings for their survival and to fulfill their minimum requirements. There are various types of works available to the people depending on their academic qualifications and experiences. It has become common for the people to choose the professional studies so that they can settle down in their career easily. Various types of jobs include:

• Banking jobs
• Doctors
• Chartered accountants
• Engineers
• Contractors
• Architects
• Musicians

• Sportsman etc.

Of all these jobs some are related to the academic background while some other are concerned with the people’s interest on that particular area like the music, dance, art and other streams where the interest and the skills can become the key criteria. But to a major extent people have been concentrating on the professional courses like engineering, medicine and other things through which they can build up their career as early as possible.

Each job can have its own description and it differs from all others. Some professions are considered to be the emergency services like Rosebud doctors, police, fire station jobs, and electricity etc. Everything goes well until any incident occurs and when such things happen it can be the responsibility of the people who are working in such professions to attend immediately irrespective of time and place sometimes. Then only they can be able to provide their services to those who are in need

These are all considered to be the responsible jobs when compared to any other jobs. The other people may respond or not these professionals have to be alert in all times and have to attend the incident immediately. Especially when any accident occurs, if these people approach that particular place in time, they can also save the lives of the people. It can only be possible for such people. The doctor is a person who can save the life of the people immediately when they are in time. That is why they are considered to be the god on earth as they can only have that capability to save any person in all possible means. They take the oath after completion of their course that they will protect the people and can save their life till the last moment and they have to stand by that word throughout their life. 

There are many other professions like the police, fire and safety etc. who have to be alert in all situations and they cannot expect any holidays or leaves. If they relax, anything can happen worse and it can become a remark in their life. Not all the people work for the money. Some people wish to have a job satisfaction and such people opt for such professions as they can think of other than them in those particular situations.